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Holiday and Seasonal Icons & More Graphics

Icons, Wallpapers, Banners, and Headers

Holiday Icons
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An LJ community for the posting of icons about holidays and the four seasons.

RULES (Unless specified differently by the icon maker):

- Comment
- Credit
- Save to own computer/server or photobucket/flickr/etc. account
- Do not hotlink
- Do not steal icons and other graphics and then claim as your own
- Sharing is a must (unless specified differently by the icon maker)

This is a LJ community for the posting of holiday and seasonal icons, walls, headers, & banners. Please be polite, comment on the icons and other graphics, save the graphics to your own computer/server/photobucket/flickr account, and credit the icons when uploaded to your user pics page, if the icon maker asks for credit.

Do not hotlink! Hotlinkers will be banned. Do not steal icons and claim as your own. Thieves will also be banned. Off-topic posts and spam posts will be removed asap. Spammers will be reported to LJ and will be removed and banned from the community on first offense.


1. Please use the tags that are listed to tag your posts. I am adding tags asap, but if you see any missing that need to be added, please let me know. Thanks! A list of tags for the comm can be found here:

2. Please title your posts, and preview no more than three-to-four icons, i.e. above the LJ-cut tag. All of these must be holiday or seasonal icons, and work-safe (added 10/3/13).

3. If your icon journal is semi-locked, or locked, or friends-only, you may still post here, but do provide that information in each and every post.

Thanks to all our wonderful icon makers!

a link to a tutorial on How To Credit Icons
Quoting from eyesthatslay :

The following information & tutorial is to help:

- Those who don't know how to keep track of who they've saved icons from, making credit difficult later.
- Those who don't understand why they should give icon credit when asked.
- Those who don't know how to give credit.
- Those who want to re-distribute/showcase icons at Xanga or another icon journal/site.

Read the rest here:


a link to a tutorial on Hotlinking: Why It's Wrong - Finding & Stopping It
To quote eyesthatslay :

This tutorial is to help those who:
- Don't know what hotlinking is.
- Don't understand why hotlinking is wrong, when asked not to.
- Don't know the consequences of being caught hotlinking.
- Don't know where they can find free image hosting.
- Want to know how to find out if their images are being hotlinked.
- Want to know what to do if they are being hotlinked.

Read all the rest here:

Keep checking back as the days go by to see the latest in holiday and seasonal icons and other graphics! :)
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